Project Coordinator
Cost to support: $300/mo, $3,600/yr

The Hope Center Project Coordinator works as the general manager of our facility, as well as the primary connecting agent between the center’s mission and GoDesign’s Ethiopian and USA offices.

Positions to fill: 1

Cost to support: $225/mo, $2,700/yr

The Hope Center’s primary function, supporting children with disabilities, is highly dependent on a skillful medical staff. Nurses act as the day-to-day well-being supporters of students, as well as partners with visiting doctors. Coming soon, planned telehealth center capabilities will allow these staff members to communicate remotely with other medical staff for richer student support.

Positions to fill: 2

Cost to support: $200/mo, $2,400/yr

Working alongside the Program Coordinator and Nurses, Teachers develop programs and curriculum that meets the Hope Center’s students both age and developmentally appropriate. While the center’s focus on physical well-being is primary, teachers will help shape and prepare students for their transition out of the facility, and back to their communities.

Positions to fill: 2

Cost to support: $80/mo, $960/yr

With the Hope Center housing up to 50 students for the fall ’22 season, a team of 5 nannies will help maintain a maxium 1:10 caretaker/student ratio, allowing ease in transition for onboarding students, and specific and well-placed care while at the facility.

Positions to fill: 5

Cost to support: $50/mo, $600/yr

The cook will serve the role of planning, grocery budgeting and stocking, and meal preparation for a facility full of approximately 50 students and 20 staff.

Positions to fill: 2

Cost to support: $40/mo, $480/yr

While the Hope Center has been designed to withstand and interact with the local environment, the custodial staff will aid in maintaining the facility structures in the harsh Afar climate, as well as daily routine cleanliness practices.

Positions to fill: 2

Cost to support: $40/mo, $480/yr

Necessary to providing a stable and safe environment to children with varying special needs, a team of guards will both protect the students from neighboring dangers as well as help monitor and preserve the safety of the student body.

Positions to fill: 4 of 5