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Available Projects

The following is our available project queue. If you wish to partner with us, or if you have questions about types of involvement available, please feel free to contact us here


Hope Center Rainwater collection

Cost $15,000

With the scarcity of water in this region the roofs of the Hope Center can help collect this cherished resource. Funding this project would allow us to install a gutter system on each building and funnel the water to several cisterns that would collect and hold the water.


GoDesign Research Center for Indigenous Architecture

Up to $200,000

The research center will study indigenous architecture practices around the horn of Africa and use the collected data to offer sustainable solutions to many of the problems these communities face.


Provide clean water to a village of 8,000 people


GoDesign funded a water survey in a village where we have been working for the last 8 years. Water has always been a major challenge for these people. The survey found a water point within 2kms of the town and would supply enough water for the entire community. The major challenge is the water is located 300m below ground.


School construction in Awash

$50,000- $300,000

GoDesign has been presented with a huge need for school construction for children in both kindergarten and high school. A total of 6 buildings would be needed to provide these children with safe environments to learn and grow. Each building would cost approximately $50,000.


GoDesign Maker Space


This initiative aims to serve underserved populations by teaching and training them to use indigenous materials and methods to create products that meet the need of the booming construction industry of Ethiopia.